The Alternative Attic comes from a point of frustration with the fashion industry. In many ways, it is a protest to stand up for the things we want to see and a call for change. We are sick of trying to squeeze ourselves into clothes that don't fit us properly and being defined by rigid gender principles that hurt everyone. We are beyond tired of walking into clothes shops being judged for not being a size 6 or having to choose designs that will do, because we cannot find anything we like. The damage that the fashion industry is doing to our minds, our bodies, and our hearts has to stop. 

This is where The Alternative Attic comes in, we are a people first design company. We stand up for what you want and listen to you first, as we believe that you should have some say in what you wear. The Alternative Attic was launched in mid 2018 in Manchester, UK. Our founder Nez, has struggled to find clothing she likes or ones that fit properly since early childhood. With a design background she set up The Alternative Attic to create the clothes she had always wanted and to give her an outlet to express herself. In April 2018 she launched with The Prince's Trust's help. In Aug 2018, when a close family member came out to her, she changed the direction of the business to what you see today and to support the LGBTQ+ community in more ways. 

Flash forward to 2019, we continue the path we started in 2018 - helping people who fashion forgets, or ignores, find clothes. Our long-term aim is to create our own catwalk of people from every section of life, as we feel that everyone should be included in fashion.

So, welcome to The Alternative Attic and to Fashion Anarchy. We are here to make noise and we won't be quiet until we are listened to.

My passion for The Alternative Attic comes from my own childhood. I could never find the clothes I liked and if I did, they didn't fit me. I spent most of my teenage years flitting from skate clothing, to squeezing myself into Alternative clothing, or trying to be more 'Female'. Like most girls my age I tried starving myself into the clothes I liked and I still didn't fit. Most types of fashion have always been like trying to fit myself into a badly fitting box. At 24 years old, I came out as a lesbian and through finding myself, I set out to help not just those in my community but everybody. I set up the Alternative Attic to help everybody be able to buy the clothes they like and that fit. I also set up The Alternative Attic to provide a community to those who are suffering trying to fit into the boxes that are never going to fit them.